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Tech Open Air Berlin 2018

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Tech Open Air (often abbreviated as "TOA") is an annual interdisciplinary technology festival that takes place in Berlin, Germany. It started in 2012 as the very first tech festival organised through crowd funding. The festival has developed into a well-known tech conference in and out of Europe. The main concept behind Tech Open Air is to bring together the areas of technology, music, art, and science by providing a platform formulti-disciplinary knowledge exchange, collaboration, and development. Tech Open Air is organised every year in June or July and gathers a number of influential speakers, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, start-ups, and attendees from Germany and 55+ other countries.

Our founder came to the Tech Open Air Berlin 2018, and she got so many things. About the future of work, how to handle personal risks and duties as a freelancer and Digital Nomad. Also, how can one work free and agile, when having no social insurance, higher health care costs, no equal protection rights as regular employees? Traditional HR instruments don’t work here anymore. It’s time to rethink and find new solutions.

On the third day, HR Tech Slam, satellite event. Ten HR-innovators present themselves, new HR solutions for a work life 3.0. The trend: It will become more connected, more direct, simpler, flatter, more transparent and most of all, more digital.

In here, we meets female entrepreneurs and other brave goal girls. Discovering the pink way of doing business. Fair-sustainable, socially responsible and breaking taboos. Inspiring!

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