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HR Nomad 1st Anniversary

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

1 year + 1 day later...

HR Nomad first anniversary!! We are so proud and thankful. "After almost 10 years of experience in HR and 18 years in Business, on 4th July 2017 I was celebrating my personal Independence Day, the day I registered my self-employed business." said Rebecca Eifried, HR Nomad founder.

Our resume of this first exciting year:

- 41 career coaching clients

- 1 online video-coaching client

- 17 business & HR seminars

- 4 startup/SME consulting

- 2 published professional articles

- 2 European Social Fond accredited consulting certifications

- 1 NLP certifications 6 professional fairs & expert conferences

- 7 thank you presents like chocolates & flowers and countless coffees, drinks, dinners and new contacts.

Wow... just realizing what all happened in this amazing year... Thanks for everyone involved!!! We really look forward to everything to come in this exciting year! Let's grow together and achieve your next company & team goals. Because your satisfaction is our pleasure.

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