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SELF-COACHING EXPERIMENT: Rebecca's Nepal Mount Everest Trekking Diary P.S.: START NOW & BE A WINNER

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

What she achieved with my self-coaching experiment with her trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp you can achieve too. What's your goal? Whether you want to reach the highest mountain of the earth, your personal professional or private goals... Everything is possible! And if it gets difficult and you don't know how to go on by your own, there's professional support. We are happy to help you! For all Berliners, a home game! For everyone else in the world... no matter where you are right now, we'll arrange a video coaching via coachfox. ( Be a WINNER! HR Nomad raffle off an exclusive private coaching * (1,5 h), worth € 120 to the first 5 new clients replying on this post via Facebook, Xing, Linkedin or Instagram. How? Just write #winnerathrnomad in the comments box. Duration? This coaching offer is valid for one week, until 21st June 2018. The free coaching has to be redeemed within 3 months (until 21. September 2018). Process? We will contact all 5 winners separately and discuss the appointment date and preferred coaching topic in advance. The coaching is available in German or English. What are you waiting for...? START... NOW! * Prices are exclusive 19 % VAT (Germany). Coaching sessions are tax-deductible both privately and for companies (EU VAT ID: DE311762105). Private: 80€/45 min Startups: 120€/45min SME (> 2 years): 150-200€/45 min

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