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Successful Coaching Experience with HR Nomad

Last day of coaching with our client. A little bit exhausted but totally happy, after many extra loops and setbacks of lost orientation in the past before coaching, our client now succeeded within absolute record time.

Only with 4 (four) meetings, he found his orientation and idea of dream work and the application letters were set. After sending them it only took 30 min to receive the invitation to an interview. After the 6th meeting he got the internship confirmation, now he has signed his contract for his apprenticeship. Congratulations!!! He reached his coaching goal within best time and now his success can be celebrated.

"As a reward, in our last meeting we're having some creative concentration techniques, an open air mini-golf match against the coach! Unfortunately, in the end, just this time and only with a little advantage I won."😉 said Rebecca Eifried as a consultant and HR Nomad founder.

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