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SELF-COACHING EXPERIMENT: Rebecca's Nepal Mount Everest Trekking Diary 19/19: GRATITUDE

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

And yet my Nepal trip is over. The goal of reaching Mount Everest Base Camp is achieved. And the beauty of it is that all of the group members have made it, despite all effort and health restrictions.

Now it's going back and we're starting to understand what we've done. The perspective changes one more time and we meet hard struggling faces coming up from the valley on our way down. We can understand very well what they're going through. We smile at them, greet and motivate them to go further and promise that the effort will be worthwhile...

And now, that we're slowly getting more air and the body gets used to height, we start to wander much easier and lighter. I notice a clear improvement in my resilience and fitness. My hiking speed rises enormously and I have fun hiking faster. I also have a lot more opportunity to really take the beauty of nature into me. I discover more details and can take time to enjoy this phenomenal view...

On the track we also walk past a wanderer cemetery. Here are people who didn't make it up to the top like us. People from all countries, all ages, even a young girl. A reverent place and a place of reflection...

Once more we feel humble and especially one thing: INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL!!! I am grateful for this chance, these impressions, the great encounters and friendships, my body, which has finally made all the way up, despite all health issues and even got fitter now, grateful for the stunning nature, the hospitality of Nepali, the efforts of Sherpa and the constant motivation of passengers and fun moments in the group. Without all this I certainly wouldn't have made it!!

I have a feeling of being growing as person and learning more about myself and my facets. And I learned once more, not the goal is the goal, but the path is the goal... a travel in the "outside" therefor is always also a travel "inside"... Whether my SELF-COACHING EXPERIMENT was successful...? Decide yourself. I for my part would definitely do it again...!!!

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