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HEUREKA Founders Conference 2018

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

So many founders success stories, speakers, investors and workshops pitching competitions. "My brain is full and I could make great contacts" said Rebecca Eifried.

Top topics of the day in HEUREKA Founder Conference 2018 are : Digitization, sustainability, social responsibility, diversity, and female entrepreneurship. How to get the right people with the right mindset that are taking responsibility, focusing more on the why doing a business than the what you are doing, and value drive company cultures.

From Rebecca's perspective, she said that the conclusion: HR will have to fulfill a whole new dimension of tasks in the future, roles and leaders will require whole set of new competencies. There‘s a lot of work and opportunities ahead. She felt very much in line with what she sensed in the market and feel confirmed in her own business model, where she meet exactly these requirements to accompany companies to define and develop their unique HR and organizational structures to be ready for this next level 3.0.

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