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SELFCOACHING EXPERIMENT: Rebecca's Nepal Mount Everest Trekking Diary 1/19:FINDING COURAGE TO DECIDE

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Travel forms, they say. And I always loved to travel because I do not only discover new exciting countries and cultures, but I also discover myself more with new facets.

Tibet and Nepal have always been a fascination for me. Now I am not one of those people who willingly climb mountain peaks and challenge their fitness limits every weekend. So far I have also preferred sunny beach regions. Moreover, I would also call myself an average fit, not as a fitness junkie. So why do I want to go mount Everest Trek?

Should I do it or not? It was more an emotional than rational decision. My good feeling was totally fascinated with enthusiasm, excitement and adventure. If it could speak, it'd say, " THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT! This is an experience you'll forget your whole life."

My mind, however, warned me, " this is going to be bloody exhausting and hard, and you're not prepared at all. You need to train more. And what if the air gets too thin, you crash or get the altitude sickness and you have to stop and get back... and by the way, it's not cheap. And also, what do you allow yourself to think of vacation with your still young self-employment...! that is not appropriate." Do you feel familiar with that, too? 😅

Tough decision! How would you have decided? Would you have made a pro and contra list, asking family and friends for advice?

In order to clarify for me, an NLP technique, to find the so called "resources". I've been writing situations on cards. I remembered several difficult situations, in which I have done very well and successfully gone through in the past, for example, where I have experienced great physical stress without preparation, or professional uncertainty I have not felt burdened, even more dangerous moments, where I could find a good way out. All these resources, which I can well use in this present project, have now been seen as intensely as possible before my inner eye.

After that, I quickly became aware that I don't really have to worry, because I already have all the resources I need to take up this challenge. And I finally had the courage and feeling of security from my past experience that I can retrieve these resources at any time.

Decided, holiday booked, and even without having these encouraging resources, sometimes one should just DO it! Because it might simply all go well. Therefore, allow yourself moments, where you can be couraging and have to gain new positive experiences that you can maybe use later as a resource for yourself. 😊

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