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Meet "The Agile Nomad" Camper!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

At this time, of course many people are bored because they can only stay at home. Can not go to cafes, offices, or other places. But you don't need to worry anymore, because HR Nomad has now officially released "The Agile Nomad" Camper, which can be a solution to all your boredom.

Book "The Agile Nomad" Camper for your Berlin Urban Camping or for your individual vacation in Europe. You can also flexibly convert it into an agile co-working space and coaching camper - entirely on demand, as you need it.

Be maximally self-sufficient and sustainable with your own solar energy on the roof, your own mobile wifi hotspot with up to 10 connections, various USB / power connections, fully equipped kitchen, separating shower toilet, outdoor furniture and various workshop materials.

"The Agile Nomad" Camper does what it promises and is ready for all of your private vacation and professional digital nomad adventures! What should be your next now ...? Book us now on and Let's make a new experience with us!

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