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HR Nomad x Wildcorn GmbH

Updated: May 26, 2020

The collaboration with Wildcorn which began in November 2019 runs very smoothly and successfully. Wildcorn is a Startup company located in Germany and is engaged in Food & Beverage. Wildcorn entrusted Rebecca Eifried to be their counselor in managing the company. Who would have thought, collaboration could be completed first from the end date that has been set, the existing target turned out to be exceeded so quickly and successfully.

She was consulting this amazing startup by covering interim HR tasks until we found Sherin, the new People & Workplace Manager at Wildcorn. Already at these times we worked mostly trustfully remote and with some agile methodologies. Corona shows now even more, how much trust in agile remote work & authentic innovation will be important in the future.

As a consultant who guides their way, it certainly makes Rebecca Eifried very happy and increasingly enthusiastic to help and guide more people to be able to grow, develop, and succeed.

Learn more about this amazing honest & sustainable snack startup revolution:

So, what are you waiting for? Let's grow together and achieve your next company & team goals. Because your satisfaction is our pleasure.

Testimonial video from Wildcorn GmbH

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