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SELF-COACHING EXPERIMENT: Rebecca's Nepal Mount Everest Trekking Diary 8/19: SIMPLICITY

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

For years I worked in fashion and the luxury industry. And I enjoyed the luxury, enjoyed it well and enjoy it until today. However, or therefore that's why it's important for me to "ground" myself on a regular basis.

In the Himalya's, the concept of luxury is quite different. Luxury here is to have a warm shower every day. Often there is no electricity, they heat and cook with ovens. Washing machines don't exist here. Everything is washed by hand, in the rivers or natural fountain. Even toilet paper is real luxury here!

As a European like me, these things are standard and are so taken for granted that no one has even to talk about it. But on the contrary, this is not for granted. And as a tourist, in spite of all simplicity here, I still have much more luxury than any local.

These impressions make me very grateful and humble. And I get a different view of all things at home that aren't commonplace. And I decide for this trip to live like the Nepali do, as much as possible. I wash my laundry by hand in the cold water and dry it in front of the oven. I buy knitted hats, gloves and scarves from yak wool. I eat and drink only Nepalesian food. I visit Buddhist monasteries and mumble the Buddhist mantra "om mani pad me hum" as they do, every time I turn a prayer sound role. I play Nepalesian board games, talk with locals, learn new vocabulary and discover more about the country and life here every day.

I literally dive into this Nepalese way of living. And I feel great. I miss nothing. Summarized: life here is very hard, very simple and demanding, but also very beautiful! And I'm realizing I really need very little to be satisfied. I actually feel "grounded"!

A very effective method that I can only recommend to anyone. Sometimes, just give yourself the luxury of SIMPLICITY - best, when you realize you're starting to fall into a grumpy mood. Maybe you're trying to put all the luxury aside for a day. Maybe you go hiking, camping or just leave your car in the garage. You'll feel so much richer after and appreciate what luxury can be.

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