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SELF-COACHING Experiment: Rebecca's Nepal Mount Everest Trekking Diary 7/19: ACCEPTING HELP

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I am of zodiac Capricorn. I have never believed in the signs of zodiac, but a characteristic trait that they say, I can agree with myself: My occasional stubbornness! ;D

Although I often come to my personal limits here in the Himalayan trekking, I want to do everything on my own. I have learned in my life so far to be independent as much as possible and even as a woman always to go my own way. So I always have the intention to live and act self-independently.

Some people told me I'm a fighter and I don't give up quickly. And I've been travelling here with the aim to finish this Mount Everest Trek and to see that I can also go beyond my limits.

But on some days, my physical condition here crosses my ambitions. In addition to the daily hours of hiking in the thin air, I also caught a deep-seated cold that sucks on my body condition. I feel awfully weak, but I keep on steady hiking.

Then, without saying anything, complaining nor asking for it, I get help from another hiker. He just grabs my entire day-pack and carries it in addition to his own luggage on his back. I'm feeling uncomfortable and I protest. I don't want him to do this. But I have no say in this, whatsoever. He's only smiling at me and walking along with my luggage...

I'm almost a little upset because I wanted to carry it alone. At the same time, I am also infinitely happy to have this relief. What a great gift!!! My hero! And what a great exercise: ACCEPTING HELP.

I often experience in my coaching that clients focus so much on their own situation that they cannot or do not want to see the possibilities or help from other people around them. The helpers are everywhere and can even be strangers we don't know. It is important to realize that it is totally okay to accept this help, because if it is offered voluntarily and independently, and without demanding anything back in return, then it comes from the heart!

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