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SELF-COACHING EXPERIMENT: Rebecca's Nepal Mount Everest Trekking Diary 6/19: JUST TURNING OFF?!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

In our busy business world nothing works without mobile phones, messages of all kinds and social media. Also as a business coach, coach and consultant I use it daily. And as a self-employed anyways, as I want to be available at any time for my clients and client requests. Now I'm almost 3 weeks in the Himalayas, and I see that I have no reception at all... such a crap! In some areas of the tea houses there is wi-fi, which is expensive, and the reception often is very bad. Besides, some social media channels can't be opened at all... Phew!!! I have to rethink. Well, after all, the phone works, and I'm glad to be able to send one or another old school text message, at least. I have no choice but to accept the situation as it is. Mandatory break! That means I put the phone to the side and turn it off, also because of the low battery charge options! Wow! I haven't done that in years. When I think of it, I never had my phone off, sometimes at fight mode in the airplane or battery saving mode. But as I also use my phone as an alarm clock, it always is on! Strange feeling, without a mobile phone. The thoughts are circling. Not easy at all. I kind of feel "naked" but also good and free. And I'm starting to forget it. I can see how I can be more present in the "here and now". And as it is the same situation for the other hikers, we are starting to deal with each other "classically", instead of spending in the evening with sitting next to each other looking at the display. There's usually no TV in the tea houses. So we sit together in the oven-heated common room, talking, entertaining each other, playing cards or board games, dancing (when the air is enough), laughing and having greatest fun...!!! And I've been able to TURN OFF my head for a long time. I'm very conscious of every moment and I'm fully present with my head and heart! What a beautiful experience! Now my real recovery can begin, and despite the physical effort I can see how I can let go. What a true luxury! Try it once, too. Maybe turn off your phone just one day at a time, maybe this weekend. And look at the world out there instead. Enjoy every moment here and now and fully aware! ;D

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