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SELF COACHING EXPERIMENT: Rebecca's Nepal Mount Everest Trekking Diary 4/19: THE HARDEST JOB

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Sherpas, (originally from the Tibetan, translated: "East people") is one of the population, which, about 300-400 years ago, immigrated from the Central and South Himalaya region to Nepal. They have developed their own language and culture and are predominantly Buddhists. They live mostly from agriculture and, since tourism has become more and more important, from carrying all kinds of luggage. Everything that is supposed to arrive on the peaks of the mountains, till today, is being transported on the backs of sherpas or yaks (shaggy-looking beef breed); whether food, drinks, clothing, merchandise, luggage of tourists or constructing material for tea houses. Just everything! As a tourist, I get a bad conscience and I think how I'm already breathing hard with my little day-pack. And I start to imagine and to understand what a sherpa is coping with every day. I have the GREATEST RESPECT! Besides, I never heard a sherpa swearing or cussing, no wailing, no single nerved face! With a calm and safety they walk sovereign over hill and dale, mostly in light sandals or worn-out sneakers, despite the lack of oxygen at this altitude.

Who just thinks he has a hard job, I can only say that it is still much harder... some sherpas even put their own lives at risk, especially those who climb the Mount Everest Summit, only to prepare the camps for climbing tourists. My admiration for these people is boundless and would there be an award for the hardest job in the world, then they would certainly have deserved it!!! Sometimes it is helpful to change perspectives and consciously get out of the "comfort zone". A great method, which I also like to use in my coaching sessions, for example, by switching positions in a role-play. Often things become much clearer (now) and visible, what is really valuable and important, what the other person might feel, or how well or happy you actually can already feel about your life...

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