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SELF COACHING EXPERIMENT: Rebecca's Nepal Mount Everest Trekking Diary 3/19: IMPARTIALITY

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Pictures say more than a thousand words. I have rarely seen so many unbiased, radiant faces on a journey. The people here approach strangers totally open, warm and helpful.

In our group, for example, some of us played football with the villagers or took part in a Buddhist prayer in a mountain monastery, like as a matter of course. I myself was invited to pursue one of my great hobbies in one of the tea houses, to cook, and to look in the kitchen into the many pots, get to know and to try new local recipes.

I never had the impression it was a planned tourist attraction for profit. The situation emerged from the moment and completely natural, almost self-understanding. I had the impression that this natural impartiality of these mountain people is an authentic part of their very own culture.

I often thought about how good it would be in our latitudes to cut off a "slice" of this mindset. And what a good practice. As coach, seminar conductor and consultant, I often think of myself like being an unfilled glass. Instead of filling my glass with my prejudices, formative life experiences, (better) knowledge and feelings, I try to deal with every new person I meet with a clear and open mind. This is the only way I can really "see" these people through my glass and can support them in my work, impartially, a little like these people do here. Here I can learn from the Nepali people...

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