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SELF-COACHING EXPERIMENT: Rebecca's Nepal Mount Everest Trekking Diary 13/19: TOTALLY AT LIMIT

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

By this time... I totally arrived at my limit! My body tells me with every fiber that I'm not created for that height. The daily 6-9 hours of hike, condition and soreness are not a problem, to my surprise.

But the low oxygen makes me struggle a lot! I'm just taking tiny steps. Every ounce of luggage feels like lead. Every couple of meters of altitude I have to put a drink stop and refill the lungs properly with oxygen. I get dizziness and pressing headache. I'm losing balance quickly and my steps are becoming more insecure. I often come to slide. My companions don't deviate from my side and carry part of my luggage to relieve me.

My cold now sits firm in my lungs. Despite ginger lemon teas, medication and hot water bottles in my sleeping bag in the night my body here has no chance to recover. On the contrary, every day it goes a little higher and further and it also gets colder. With my cold, I get less air anyways, and at night I wake up several times and gasp for air because I feel like choking. In the morning I wake up with swollen limbs and face. The lips are blue and look like they're Botox. Every group members is measured in terms of heart rate and oxygen content in the blood every day. My values are often among the worst.

I feel totally powerless. I'm almost falling from exhaustion. I'm so wiped out, at the end of my powers that one day I'm just crying my eyes out... I can't walk anymore, I don't want anymore. I'm thinking of quitting!!! A picture of misery!! Fortunately, I have great people in my group who immediately close me into their arms and rebuild me, motivate me to go further.

And everyone here in our group comes to his limit. One sooner, the other later. Everyone in his own way and often with tears. And yet ultimately all of them have reached their goal. Each of them has been very different in getting their heads up again and to be able to go on. But how???

I'd like to tell you what worked with me: among other things, FUTURE PACE with sub modalities, coaching methods from NLP. In my most difficult moments, I shot my eyes and imagined what it would be like to arrive at the final destination. I've seen myself standing at Mount Everest base camp doing the last step, overjoyed and embracing each other in my group. I saw it so clearly and sharp in front of me, I even felt it. I've been hearing the sound of cheering and joy around me, just like if I'm already there! And after that, I made this picture even brighter, more colorful and bigger like in a close-up in a movie in which I could see myself on my inner canvas.

When I was creating and saving this picture in my imagination, I immediately felt better, more cheerful and motivated. I felt confident and sure that I would also make to Base Camp. Because I am convinced of my belief, that if we can imagine something, we can achieve it... because if not, we couldn't even be able to imagine it at all! ;D

Try it too...

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