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7 Steps for Self-employed to Save Money in Corona Times

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Today, many people are in a crisis, especially the economic crisis. Many companies closed because of the Corona situation, and because of that many people were fired and could not get income. Therefore, we want to give some tips that you might be able to apply to save expenses :

1. Finalize your latest invoices, get your money as soon as possible

2. Save or reduce your fix costs

3. Employees: consumption of overtime for days off, set them on holiday or let them do on minus hours. (Read more here:

4. Apply for "Arbeitslosengeld I/II" at "Arbeitsagentur to ensure your basic living expenses

5. Use up your "freiwillige Arbeitslosenversicherung", if you paid in before. (Read more here:

6. Apply for state Corona Help (Get info here:

7. Align locally with others and use synergy effects

So that's all of our tips, we hope our tips can be useful for all of you. Stay safe and be positive.

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