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5 Quick Hacks for Good Remote Team Work

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

In this current situation, which is Corona situation, we must still be able to maintain the stability of team members at work, whether in communication, working hours, and so on. Because during this period of work from home the company must keep it all in order for the company to keep going well.

In this article, we want to give 5 (five) tips on How to Keep Up Your Team Remote Work:

1.) Agree on core working time in your team, that might help to not wait for other people's replies. For the example: The core working time could be mainly for 10 AM to 4 PM, the team member has to ensure to be available and reachable during that time period.

2.) Keep up your rituals. If you have a weekly team checking or team meet-up and so on before this situation, you must still be able to take care of it. For this time you can try to do it on the online way.

3.) Organize in an agile way. We can find so many platforms and applications that can help the company's performance to be controlled even though online like Trello board, Kanban board, and many more. With all of that, you can still monitor activities that are in progress or that have been completed.

4.) Use online communication channels. Communication is very important especially in the current situation where people cannot meet face to face. Having an local team communication channel can really help company team members to be able to communicate well, know each other's conditions, and also to find quick solution that are really focusing on local issues. Therefore it is highly recommended to have a local team communication channel such as slack and so on.

5.) Have an internal Wiki. That would be a good solution to have a process to find a quick and easy process what to do. For example: What to do if one of the team member doesn't feel good has Corona or even things that they might have it, what is the steps to do. We can make it on the written form, can be made by downloading or checklist and after that we can put it for everybody. It's quick and also easy to find.

Do not make the situation a barrier, because now we already have very sophisticated technology. The technology will be very useful if used properly. If you want to know more the explanation regarding the topic "5 Quick Hacks for Good Remote Team Work", you can watch the video below:

So, what are you waiting for? Let's grow together and achieve your next company & team goals. Because your satisfaction is our pleasure.

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