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Startup FUCK UP! Night: People & Org Stucture Failures

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Founding your own startup is a great adventure!

And that also means a life-long learning journey. It is almost impossible to make no mistakes on your way. No blame! It can sometimes be even a good thing. If you take these as your big chance, do some changes, you can be much better after than before...

One of the biggest challenges after the startup seed stage is the people & org structure that becomes often a boomerang, when not facing issues early enough or not at all. You all know examples...

This meetup is for founders, startup members or SME that are willing to share their biggest failures and lessons learned on their success story. Exchange with your peer groups and learn and benefit from each other in a nice informal, exclusive way!

Number of participants: min. 5 persons, max. 20 persons

Fee: 20€/person for room expenses.

Drinks and snacks can be ordered at the bar, not included in the price. From 8pm there is a DJ playing music to accompany our get together.

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