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HR Nomad x KIWI.KI GmbH

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Such a great opportunity to our founder, Rebecca Eifried to be a consultant for KIWI.KI GmbH. KIWI is developed and marketed by the KIWI.KI GmbH which is headquartered in Berlin. They were founded in February 2012 by the former McKinsey consultants, safety engineering experts, and entrepreneurs Christian Bogatu and Claudia Nagel, and by the entrepreneur and jurist Peter Dietrich.

KIWI provides secure and hands-free access for large multi-tenant buildings. With KIWI, your entrance door unlocks comfortably without buttons or searching through your pockets. Consumers enjoy the safe, simple and convenient comfort of just walking through their doors with our transponder “Ki” in their pocket or our mobile app. Service providers – like post or waste management companies – gain work efficiencies.

"Thanks for the great Startup Strategy Game workshop with KIWI.KI GmbH yesterday. I love my job being a consultant, trainer and coach. Gamifying two future people & org design situations in a creative and fun way, using Meddlers Cards (M3.0). Another method to develop agile HR!" said Rebecca Eifried, our founder and also our consultant.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's grow together and achieve your next company & team goals. Because your satisfaction is our pleasure.

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