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A big changes can be tough as we're reaching our personal limits. 

As leaders and role models we often feel under extra pressure to not make any mistakes and to be perfect... or at least pretend to in order to keep the teams motivated. Or we have the expectation to ourselves know all the answers, having the solutions for our teams, clients or families. Showing insecurities makes us vulnerable and loose power or respect of others.... Really?? Is that really what you think???


This current Corona Crisis is shaking the whole world and stirs up everything, old beliefs and stuck thinking that lies under the surface.

Now more than ever, it is your chance to really become an authentic leader.... and yes, this means even to show our vulnerability. It's time to face what we tried to hide before. Become the best version of you.


This is an individual video coaching format for everyone, either C-level, team leader, team member who wants to turn the page with immediate effect.


We discuss your current situation, your professional and personal life roles and responsibilities, emotions and find strategies to cope with. Together we develop your own very individual map, where you discover yourself in a new perspective - as vulnerable leader and truely authentic you.


Session: 90 min

Choose between: German, English

Price excl. VAT.


300,00 €Price
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