Poker Serious Play Startup Set (English Version)

Poker Serious Play Startup Set (English Version)

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(Re)writable card coating for removable notes

  • Your team benefits:

    Create trust in your team by giving maxium transparency in your decision making. You can use the Delegation Cards togehter with the HR Special Question Set to tain empowerment and an agile mindset in your team in a playful way.


    + 1 extra gift:

    Order this Startup Set and get two exclusive Whiteboard marker in black on top for free. 


    Your ideal Startup Set for agility!

  • 1 x Delegation Cards - Poker Serious Play

    • 55 high quality cards (1-7 delegation levels) for up to 7 persons
    • Delegation level overview card
    • Game manual
    • Exklusive metall box
    • Suitable for all team levels and all business functions
    • Combinable with agilen methods (Scrum/Kanban boards)
    • (Re)writeable card coating for multiple iterative use 



    Play your (agile) leadership in your team!

  • 1 x HR Special - Delegation Card Question Set

    • 31 HR-specific situational cards
    • 2 free cards for your own HR cases
    • Suitable for HR Departments up to agile teams with own HR responsibility
    • Combinable with agilen methods, HR-Kanban/Scrum boards

    • (Re)writable card coating for multiple iterative use



    Your agile HR solution!