Delegation Cards (English Version)

Delegation Cards (English Version)

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(Re)writable card coating for removable notes

  • Delegation Cards - Poker Serious Play

    Since Management 3.0 has introduced the first Delegation Cards, this method has become more and more popular in (agile) team decision processes and can be used from daily stand-up team meetings to team delegation boards/maps. 

  • Object of the game:

    With Delegation Cards, managers and teams can playfully learn whether and how decisions affecting the team or the company can and should be delegated. The medium-goal is to use Delegation Cards to make a "Delegation Map", which determins in which situations managers, team leaders and team colleagues are responsible for a decision.

  • Number of players:

    Delegation Cards is recommended for (agile) teams of 3-7 players. The present game is designed accordingly for up to 7 players (7 cards each). However, the game's principle allows for additional players by adding more sets of cards.

  • Your team benefits:

    Create trust in your team by giving maxium transparency in your decision making. You can use the Delegation Cards to tain empowerment and agile mindset in your team in a playful way.

  • That's in for you:

    • 55 high quality cards (1-7 delegation levels) for up to 7 persons
    • Delegation level overview card
    • Game manual
    • Exklusive metall box
    • Suitable for all team levels and all business functions
    • Combinable with agilen methods (Scrum/Kanban boards)
    • (Re)writeable card coating for multiple iterative use 


    Play your (agile) leadership in your team!