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You are a startup, but you need a startup coach, consultant and sparring partner to scale up your business. This is for you. 


This is what you can choose:

  • Business Model Canvas Workshops
  • Defining growth & expansion people strategy
  • Recruiting & headhunting team members
  • (Agile) team learning & development strategies
  • (Agile) compensation & rewarding strategies
  • Empowerment & team motivation strategies
  • Workshops (agile) leadership
  • Interim Head of (agile) HR / People & Culture
  • Strategy Workshops and Strategy Games
  • Organizational Design Thinking
  • Implementing (agile) HR tools & processes
  • Individual (agile) leadership coaching


The subscription deal:

Choose your hourly credit amount, you would like to have in 6 month subscription, e.g. for 3h per month, just book 3 subscriptions. You pay 555€ + VAT monthly. 
Your total credits in this half year would be 18h. You can spend these 18 hourly credits whenever you need it within this time period, all on demand.


Your benefits:

  • Monthly digestible installments instead of one big payment.
  • Flexible use of hourly credits
  • On demand delivery
  • Wide range of service for an easy fix price
  • All out of one hand
  • Choose between German, English sessions
  • Choose online or offline sessions at "The Agile Nomad" Camper


You want a trial? Just book a one-time purchase and test it.

6 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION Expansion & Growth Stage

185,00 €Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
185,00 €
185,00 €every month for 6 months
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