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SELF-COACHING EXPERIMENT: Rebecca's Nepal Mount Everest Trekking Diary 9/19: THE VALUE OF EXCREMENT

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Value of what??? Yes, you read correctly! Whether we call it shit, feces, poo-poo or excrement... all this is very valuable here! And so, that you don't get me wrong, we're not just talking about animal feces, but also human...

What is a taboo subject in our culture, considered disgusting or offensive, is quite natural here. It's ubiquitous here. On the one hand, the trails are strewn with feces and it is impossible to get out of the way permanently. Soon I'll get used to the Sherpa and forms as well as the smell and the leftovers under our soles.

And soon we become real "excrement experts" and can see whether it comes from a yak, horse or dog, fresh or a few days old. Well, and what's all this worth? Nothing is wasted in Nepal. So, also the excrement were collected and used. Together with the urine it is used in the fields as a natural fertilizer. On the other hand, dried it serves as well as tinder for the wood ovens in the many tea houses.

From approx. 5000 m altitude it does not grow a single shrub or tree. If you want to burn wood, it must be hauled up from the valley with Sherpa's or yaks. And that's comparatively expensive. Besides, here at the top of the mountains, the temperatures drop to -18° Celsius in the night. The dried feces actually provide a warm heat! Think again... what value would you give excrement, now? ;D

Talking about taboo topics often requires courage. And some of my coaches don't dare to talk about their own taboos at first. It might be embarrassing. But this can be of unexpected value and wants also to be regarded as something natural and very valuable... try it out. It's not as hard as you often think!

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